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God With Us by John Longworth

This fascinating drama set against the historical backdrop of the 17th Century, located mainly in Nantwich, Cheshire, opens with the visit of King James to Nantwich in 1617. The story weaves its way through many accurately researched details of the salt industry, the plague, the 30 Years War in Germany and Austria, then home again to Cheshire for the monumental events of the English Civil War. The fictitious characters live within the real drama of the epoch, bringing a first-hand view on those frightening and revolutionary years.

God with Us
Available in print and as an ebook from Amazon.
Soon to be available through bookstores.

John Longworth was a school teacher who spent many years inspiring children in Nantwich, Crewe, and other locations in his characteristic history-told-through-stories style. Walk with him through the streets of this 17th Century Cheshire town; witness the tearing down of the ancient Sandbach crosses; share the fear and pain of lives afflicted by the Black Scourge; visit a Cheshire Prophet; discover the strategies of war in Europe and in the Civil War; meet the celebrated Oliver Cromwell on his rise to power; witness the execution of King Charles I; live through the events of the battles, both national and personal, that draw together in this absorbing  and accurately researched story of the times.

 How to Manage a Midlife Crisis by Karl Longworth

Feeling bored and fidgety with your life? Feel that you have hit a brick wall? Need a new direction? Maybe you want to go back to your youth and scream around the countryside on a brand new motor bike. Maybe you fancy chucking in your job and seeing what else is on the horizon. Maybe you are struggling with marriage and family commitments, and responsibilities are weighing you down. Or maybe you have been hit over the head with redundancy.

Sounds like you are in a midlife crisis. Or if you are younger, a quarter-life crisis. The same principles apply.

How to Manage a Midlife Crisis
and Redundancy in Midlife


Life struggles like these can get you down. Depression lurks, and makes it even harder to think clearly. You can feel trapped by your circumstances, and feel like just running…

Or maybe you recognize these symptoms in someone close and you have no idea what to do.

Hold on – help is at hand.

Karl shares some principles he has learned at the sharp end of life which can transform these negative experiences into a life-changing opportunity for a brilliant new future.

At 50, Karl was made redundant from a job he loved, and was also diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease. Midlife crisis followed! In this book, he tells his story, and shares the keys he discovered that set him on the road to recovery. Work with him through this book, to choose and create a better future for yourself.

“A humorous and easy read, this book is a great antidote to the struggles midlife can sometimes hurl at you.”

“I would highly recommend this book for anyone going through a midlife crisis… or as in my case, living with a person going through this experience.

The author is very open and honest about the problems he faced at difficult times in his life. He also gives practical and helpful advice on how to survive the challenges and changes people face in their midlife. I would encourage you to read this book and to follow through with the practical suggestions. It will change your life for the better.”

From Everton Vale to Rivington Pike by Edith Amy Pierce

From Everton Vale to Rivington Pike - My slice of life

From Everton Vale to Rivington Pike
by Edith Amy Pierce

Most people in their late 80’s settle for an easy life. Not so Edith Amy Pierce! Something of a rapscallion in her youth, she lived through the horrors of the Second World War in Liverpool. She had to wave goodbye to her husband Harold, only four days after their marriage, and had to wait nearly four years before seeing him again.

Read the fascinating story in this, her autobiography, told in short humorous stories.

After Harold’s death in 1981, she moved nearer to one of her three daughters, in Horwich  near Bolton, just a short walk from Rivington Pike. She immersed herself in voluntary work in order to overcome her grief, and has continued to find many ways over the years ever since to make other people’s lives more comfortable.

Later, she married again, and enjoyed 10 years with John, experiencing a host of adventures and scrapes on their long hikes through the Lancashire countryside.

Now, approaching her 90th birthday, she is celebrating life with this highly readable autobiography.


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