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Just for me – Psalm 1

Life recently has been some distance from easy, and blog writing has taken a back seat. When the going is tough, the disciplines of praying and reading the bible can easily fall by the wayside – and I’ve had a … Continue reading

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What the butler saw

I remember in the Brownies, playing Kim’s game. About 30 everyday objects were placed on a tray. You got one minute to memorise them before they were covered over, and you had to see how many you could recall. It … Continue reading

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I lifted the lid of the suitcase, and a gentle aroma of wood smoke emanated from it. We’d stayed overnight in a B&B that had been a railway station house, and still used the wood burner for their heating. The smell of … Continue reading

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The fine line

My kids were given the most beautiful kite – it was painted silk stretched across a fine wooden frame in the 3D shape of a bird, almost real looking. And it flew spectacularly well. We had it out several times, and that … Continue reading

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Playing your part

I’m delighted to tell you one of my grandsons is performing in Oliver! next spring at our local theatre. It’s with an amateur group, but I’ve been to their stuff, and it’s high class. He’ll have to work hard to get … Continue reading

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In the name

You know that moment when you’re hoping the ground will swallow you up with embarrassment? Trevor, the vicar had come to see my husband, and as he was waiting for him to come through, one of the kids (about age … Continue reading

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For the sake of the children

My mum was telling me about some families she knows, whose kids have gone off the rails. “All my kids have grown up to be useful citizens, who do things to help others and not just themselves,” she said. I … Continue reading

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