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Pass it on! – Psalm 67

I went to an Orthodox service once. I loved the part towards the end, where the priest held a candle, and with it lit the candles of one or two people at the front of the church. They turned around … Continue reading

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When my kids were teenagers, I had a job where I had to work through the summer holidays. I would leave them lists of all the chores that needed to be done that day. They still joke about how I prioritised hanging … Continue reading

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Making the grade

End of term. School reports! I’m looking forward to seeing my grandchildren’s, to read about all they’ve been learning, and what they have achieved. I love them all to bits, and it’s great to hear when they’ve done really well. … Continue reading

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Listen up

We’ve been watching ‘The Good Wife” recently. It’s about a lawyer; a particularly canny lawyer in fact. But the clients always have to listen and follow the advice of her counsel, or things get very tricky. If the programme is anything … Continue reading

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Second chance

Ever visit old churches or cathedrals? Some you go in are like old mausoleums – good places to store dead bodies, and cold, so cold. Some might have their fair share of graves and plaques, but nevertheless have a sense of the … Continue reading

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Well done!

You know how some moments in time are hard-wired into your memory. One of these for me was walking from the car park into Christies Cancer hospital, in Manchester. My 18 year-old son was facing yet another cycle of treatment. … Continue reading

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