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Just don’t

Living in harmony is essential to survival. That’s why God gave us laws about how to treat each other. Looking at the last five commandments, in Exodus 20:13-17, each begins, “You shall not…”. Murder, theft, adultery, lies and wanting what … Continue reading

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Glad to have you

My dad often used to say jokingly,  “God gives us our relatives; thank God we can choose our own friends!” We have always been generally a very happy family, and I know I’m very blessed to be a part of it. But of … Continue reading

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One of the family

Some friends of ours had a son who was moving house. He hadn’t done a great job in saving up for it, and as always, it cost far more than he had reckoned on, so he ran out of money … Continue reading

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It’s all about image

I remember when I was at school, oh so many years ago, we had to wear a uniform, with the school badge on our blazer pocket, and the official tie around our necks. No-one would be in any doubt as … Continue reading

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