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Being responsible

Disaster! I’ve got water coming up between the laminate blocks in the kitchen. It’s drizzling upwards! It turns out that when my new washing machine was fitted a couple of weeks ago, there was a problem in the pipework which … Continue reading

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The mystery of the exploding pencil…

We were on our way back to the classroom from assembly; I was helping one of our less mobile students down the stairs, when there was an almighty bang, followed by an acrid smell of burning. Some of our more … Continue reading

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Bringing up kids these days is just NOT EASY! You can’t tell them they are naughty, else they’ll have a self-image of a naughty person, and naughty people do more naughty things. Mmmmm. What you have to do is show … Continue reading

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Wearing the blame

As I see it, the world is roughly divided into two camps when something goes wrong: those that blame everyone else, and those who blame themselves. Of course neither are right. Sometimes it’s you, sometimes it’s me and sometimes it’s … Continue reading

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