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It’s not my problem – Psalm 37

“Crime never pays,” so they say; but as you look around the world, at the corrupt leaders and politicians, drug barons, profiteers, crime syndicates, pimps, traffickers and other nasties, it’s sometimes hard to believe it. The rich aren’t all evil … Continue reading

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Oh yes I can – Psalm 3

You know that awful pit-of-your-stomach feeling because you have to go to work, or because you don’t have work to go to, because you’ve a doctor’s appointment, or a big decision to make…Anxiety is probably one of the biggest problems … Continue reading

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Fear not…except for this…

I used to take a group of students with severe learning difficulties into the local youth offenders prison, to use their gym facilities. Some of the officers there were¬†qualified trampoline tutors, so gave them sessions, and helped them earn some … Continue reading

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Double trouble?

No teacher in the UK ever forgets the Ofsted inspections they’ve endured. They are considerably shorter these days, but my first was four days long, and we got the famous ‘brown envelope’ announcing its arrival the day before we broke … Continue reading

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