Stepping up to the mark

I love the film “The King’s Speech”. As the younger brother, George (Bertie) had not expected to have the big responsibilities of monarchy, but when his older brother abdicated from being King Edward VIII, he suddenly had to step up to the mark, and cope with his new role, in spite of his speech impediment.

I think I’ve commented before on how eldest brothers and sisters tend to be expected to take on more of a leadership role in the family, and when it involves the inheritance of titles and family estates, they are offered greater privileges while the younger siblings live in their shadows.

Such was the expectation of Joseph for his two boys (Genesis 48:8-20). Manasseh was the elder, and as such was expected to get the better blessing. Yet their grandfather Jacob purposefully laid his right hand on little brother Ephraim’s head, and honoured him above the older sibling. History showed his prophetic gifting was accurate, and the tribe of Ephraim did exceed that of Manasseh, but just then, it shocked their father Joseph.

God does not bless us just because we are older, or greater or cleverer. Sometimes he chooses to take the smallest and the weakest, and the most foolish to use to his glory (I Corinthians 1:27-8).

In the Christian life so many of us put ourselves down. I might see myself fit to stack chairs or make the tea, or maybe visit an old lady, but don’t ask me to speak, or lead a house group, or pray with someone! That’s the job of the more mature in the faith, those who are really spiritual, not an ordinary person like me! We hide behind being young in the faith, or less spiritual, or too inexperienced, or just not good enough. I know this because I’ve done it so often myself! And it’s just an excuse, a lazy old excuse. Maybe it’s true you are not quite ready yet. So what are you doing to get yourself ready? If you are weak, or small or foolish, you are an ideal candidate for God to use! Whatever our current situation, God is always wanting to stretch us a little more – and it’s time to get ready.


About widemargin

Retired special needs teacher, now full time carer for a wonderful person with Advanced Parkinson's Disease. 'They that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength.' So glad I have my Lord Jesus to help me through every day.
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2 Responses to Stepping up to the mark

  1. g says:

    We need to see we are not ordinary because of the spirit of God that resides in us! Great post!

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