Cunning plans

A piece of drama I saw many years ago still sticks out in my memory. There was a collection of long tables, which a blindfolded character was walking along on top of. He was crying out to God, asking why life was so difficult, and why God was not protecting him. He would suddenly make a turn to the left or the right. Remarkably, his two silent team members would have just positioned another table in exactly the right place so wherever he moved, there was a table there, and he never fell off. And all the while, he was ranting at God for not preserving him! Very effective.

We go through life, often complaining that things go wrong. We have absolutely no idea whatsoever at the effort God is putting in to make things go right; the thing is, it’s so smooth we just don’t notice. Just checking…yes the sun did rise this morning…

Joseph could have been forgiven for feeling sorry for himself. The favoured son in a prosperous family, and life had looked good. Suddenly he found himself enslaved, falsely accused and thrown into prison. Where was God in all this? As we move into Genesis 40, the big plan starts to become evident. God needed to get Joseph noticed by Pharaoh. How could that happen – he was an incarcerated slave! But God had been on the case, and had been plotting for who knows how long, the divine connection between Joseph and these two royal employees, the cup-bearer and the baker (Genesis 40:1-4).

What was it all about? Why did God have to move so many tables to get Joseph into the right place? For the preservation of this chosen family, the forebears of his precious son, through the famine to come. Just how big was God’s plan? Probably far, far bigger than the story we have outlined in Genesis, or even the whole bible. We have absolutely no idea how much furniture God was moving to ensure the outcome he had in mind.

And how much furniture is God moving on my/your behalf? What amazing things are going on behind the scenes to ensure the divine connections he wants us to make? We have absolutely no idea! But one thing is sure, if God is putting so much effort into getting me to where I am, or to where I might need to be at any place and any time in the future, shouldn’t I be doing my best to ensure that I am up to the job? When God invests so much time in me, I need to be investing time in him, so I become the person he can use for his amazing plans.


About widemargin

Retired special needs teacher, now full time carer for a wonderful person with Advanced Parkinson's Disease. 'They that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength.' So glad I have my Lord Jesus to help me through every day.
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4 Responses to Cunning plans

  1. g says:

    The sun just rose here! It rises all day long all over the world! The tables image is a great illustration!

  2. that table idea is tremendously helpful!!! Thank you for that. have a blessed day!

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