System restore

Have you ever downloaded something and really wished you hadn’t, and suddenly your computer starts messing around, and you know something is bugging it. Or you’ve deleted something you really shouldn’t have. It’s times like that I am so glad about system restore. You create a restore point, and when things go wrong, you can take it all back to that point, and all the wrongs are righted! Clever things, computers.

People need system restore points too. And I think that is what Jacob was doing in Genesis 35:14-15, when he set up a stone pillar at the place where God had talked to him, pouring out drink and oil offerings on it. The important thing for him, was that it was memorable. He took time and trouble and thought about it. It was multisensory – he handled the stones, lifted them into place, smelled the oil as it dripped down, heard the drink splashing around the stones. It was etched onto his memory as a point in time and place where he was right with God, and all was well. It was just as well – there were some tough times ahead; but just for now, at this point, things were good. And that was something he could look back to, and find in it the reassurance that God had his plans, and that Jacob was right in the centre of them.

Do you have a system restore point to look back to – a place where you can remember you were right with God, that you had hope for the future, and a sense of purpose in your heart? Cherish its memory; hold onto it in the difficult times.

And for this moment – create new system restore points. Make the effort to create moments all along the journey of life, where you know that you know that you are right with God. Seize those memories and hold onto them tightly. Who knows what’s ahead when you might need them? And the shorter the time back to the last restore point, the better and more effective it is. All may go smoothly till the next restore point, and great if it does; it’s still good to know that you know that you are right with God.


About widemargin

Retired special needs teacher, now full time carer for a wonderful person with Advanced Parkinson's Disease. 'They that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength.' So glad I have my Lord Jesus to help me through every day.
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