Ultimate security – Psalm 10

I remember sitting in my car, hearing the news of 9/11 and thinking, “The world will never be the same again.”

And in many ways it isn’t. It seems to be a much scarier place. I read the news and see foul atrocities taking place in every corner of the globe – just as the writer of this Psalm saw them so many centuries ago.

Our hope can never be in living in a comfortable spot in a prosperous land, where we don’t get touched by bad things. Ultimately, our security has to be in a God who is totally limitless in power, place, time and reach. Justice will come to all – no one will ‘get away with it’ forever.

As we listen to the news today, let us call on our infinite God to bring justice into every situation, and pray that every victim might know that our God is the one who is there when earthly systems fail – the one who sees and hears and feels and cares and acts. The One who is our ultimate security.

Psalm 10

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A secret jewel – Psalm 9 part 2

What is the very worst condition a person can ever be in? I think the most wretched of all are those who have no hope. To see no possibility of improvement or purpose ever, seems to me the bleakest of all places.

These verses remind us that God will set things right in his time, and one day we will have a great story to tell. Hope. A wonderful gift, one of the greatest blessings, a precious jewel. Even if it all seems a bit out of sight just now.

Psalm 9:11-12

Psalm 9 part 2

Psalm 9 part 2


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The judge who can be trusted – Psalm 9 part 1

Some years back, I had a boss that you had to be very careful with. Prickly and unpredictable, you had to choose your moment wisely and check with her secretary if you really needed to speak with her; and for most of the time she was best avoided!

God is a great boss. He can always be trusted to judge fairly. Knowing him, knowing his nature, that’s a safe, safe place. I love verse 10 – I know as long as I trust him, I will never be forsaken.

Psalm 9 Part One

Psalm 9 Part One

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Amazing praise – Psalm 8

Praise is truly wonderful stuff. If we began to realise what an extraordinary tool we have been given we would use it a whole lot more!

God has put so much potential into our grasp – given us such a high status in the scheme of things. It’s a real challenge to ask the question – What am I doing with it?

Psalm 8

Psalm 8

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Trusting justice – Psalm 7

There is this situation that is really bugging me. It’s not just that it’s not fair, it’s blatantly not fair! And it isn’t as though I haven’t prayed about it. God just seems to want to take his time about it. And when I think about it, why shouldn’t he? All time belongs to him. It’s his world and his rules. He IS a just God, and I need to learn to trust him, however long it takes to sort out my issues. He will make everything right in his time. That’s a promise.

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Hope for the weary – Psalm 6

We all have times of feeling vulnerable, guilty, overstretched, hopeless … It’s part of being human. David was there all those centuries ago. What kept him going, what kept him hoping, was the assurance that at any moment it could all suddenly change. He trusted a God who would make all things right in his time. And we all need hope. But waiting for God’s time, that’s the tricky bit! But David knew God enough to trust him.

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From tears to trust – Psalm 5

Being a Christian does not inoculate us against difficulties. We still feel pain. We still get frustrated and bothered. The difference is, we have someone to take our worries to, We don’t have to fight our own battles.

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